Enrollment Process

What is The YouthStop™ enrollment process? Individuals seeking additional support in making the transition from high school to college and/or work are referred to the YouthStop™ in several ways. Individuals may be referred by partner agencies, a YouthStop™ staff member or individual self-referral. A member of The YouthStop™ staff will conduct a preliminary interview to assess the individual's eligibility and suitability for programming. Educational history, assessments, discipline and attendance records will be reviewed. Individuals are asked to provide any necessary documentation not found in school records. Once all necessary documentation is received and the individual is determined suitable and eligible for services, the individual is certified.

After certification, The YouthStop™ staff meets with the individual and his/her parent/guardian (if under 18 years of age) to develop an individual service plan (ISP). An ISP helps to identify barriers to employment and assist in the development of a plan to address those barriers. The individual is placed in auxiliary activities that align with goals set in the ISP. The individual's participation in activities and courses is monitored and adjusted as needed to ensure success and compliance with the ISP.